Frequently asked questions

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Sharing a home can be a source of concern and questioning. Find below advices, answers and tips to the most frequent subjects.

What is homesharing?

Homesharing is the principle of living with others in the same accommodation. The reasons for making this choice are specific to each and everyone, but here are some advantages: the possibility of saving money by sharing the rent and common costs, the opportunity to move to a new region, be closer to your family or simply maintain social bounds. Sharing a roof is an alternative for those who are independent and no longer want to live alone.

I am not the landlord of my accommodation. Am I allowed to do so? How should I proceed?

If you are currently a tenant of your accommodation and you would like to share it with one or more people, we advise you to make sure with your landlord that you respect your lease agreement.

Quels sont les prix ?

Pour ceux qui souhaitent déménager : le service est entièrement gratuit, vous pouvez créer votre profil et échanger avec d’autres utilisateurs sans frais et sans limite de temps.

Pour ceux qui souhaitent partager leur logement actuel : il vous est possible de créer votre profil gratuitement, et au moment du dépôt de votre annonce vous pourrez choisir entre deux formules selon la durée de parution de votre annonce (19,90$ pour deux mois, 29,90$ pour 4 mois).

Quelle est la durée de l'abonnement et peut-il être renouvelé ?

L’abonnement est d’une durée de deux ou quatre mois et peut être renouvelé. Nous acceptons les paiements par cartes de crédit (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) ou par PayPal.


My profile and my listing

Let us help you create a profile and/or a listing that matches your criteria.

How can do I list my property?

All you have to do is register to create a profile and a listing. When you are connected, click on “Add my listing”. You will be asked several questions about your accommodation and we will invite you to attach several photos to illustrate it as well as possible. Once completed, it will be validated by our team and put online within 24 hours.

Should I add photos to my listing?

A listing without photos will be less noticeable. We therefore recommend that you add current and representative images of the living space that you wish to share, in accordance with the conditions of use.

How can I contact the author of a listing?

Interested in a listing? Click on “contact”. The author will be notified that you want to reach out via the messaging icon at the top right of the screen.

How can I be reached out?

A user can contact you using the “contact” link on your listing, or directly through your profile. You will then receive an email notification informing you that a user wishes to contact you, and you can access your mailbox via the icon at the top right of the screen.

How do I make my profile and/or listing attractive?​

For your profile and for your listing, it we advise you to complete all the questions asked. Your profile is the first contact you have with other users, so it’s important to give a good first impression and as much information as possible. Do not hesitate to describe your passions or your occupations in general, but also what you are looking for in a life with others and with your roommates. Be frank!

How can I deactivate my listing?

Your listing will be deactivated after six months, and will no longer be visible to users of the site. You can reactivate it by renewing your subscription.

You can also deactivate it at any time by sending an email to

Can I have several listings?

You can only add one listing per account. If you wish to add more or list several properties, contact us through

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your profile and your listing at any time via your account in the “Delete account” section. You can also contact us, mention it in your email at and we will proceed shortly.


Privacy and security

The security and the confidentiality of your information are our priorities.

Are the listings verified?

Listings are verified by our team before being published to ensure that they respect the terms of use.

How is a user account activated?

When a new user signs up, we send a link to their email address so they can validate their account.

Do you provide background check?

Pierrette & Paulette acts as an intermediate between users, so we do not carry out credit files and background checks. However, it is possible for you, as an individual, to request those informations. You can find information here.

How can I report content?

We do our best to ensure that both profiles and listings respect the terms of use, however in the event where you would like to report something that seems inappropriate, you can reach us via or the contact section.

How about personal information?

No contact details or personal information is public on the site and no user can have access to it, especially: your email address, your home address, your phone, your date of birth. In the case that you list your property, the exact address will never be communicated.

What information should I not share?

To prevent any attempt of fraud, we invite you to never disclose personal information via the site and in particular the exact address of your accommodation or your credit card information. You can chat with a potential roommate when you have met for the first time, for example. If you have any doubts about the security of your account, you can contact us at Also, do not hesitate to consult our Guide to a good roommate to learn more about your rights and responsibilities.


If you have not found the answers to your questions you can contact us by email or use the contact form.