Why Pierrette & Paulette?

It started with a simple question: how could we help our loved ones to find a suitable housing, both matching their needs and being a safe and nice environment for them?

How about connecting those having an empty room to rent with the ones wanting to move out?

The answer was to create a platform where people, 50 and over, would be able to get in touch with others and create contacts that might not have been possible in a classic context. Through Pierrette & Paulette we want to help break social isolation, improve quality of life and provide peace of mind for families. 

Why dedicating this service for people aged 50 and over? Because we are convinced that depending the stages of our life we do not have the same needs, the same desires and the same expectations in terms of housing or shared living.

Who’s Pierrette & who’s Paulette?

It's Morgane and Teddy. But for the story, Pierrette and Paulette are also Morgane’s grandmothers! Holding a master's degree in business development, Morgane is a passionate entrepreneur, curious about societal issues and especially the potential solutions for aging societies. Teddy is primarily an Architect, but his passion for arts made him turn later into UX design.